Turkey, Pakistan to co-produce series on revered Muslim general Saladin

ANKARA (AA): Turkey and Pakistan have announced plans to co-produce a television series on the life of Salahuddin al-Ayyubi, a revered Muslim general popularly known in the West as Saladin.

Having welcomed the project offer from Pakistan’s Ansari & Shah Films, producer Emre Konuk, owner of Turkey’s Akli Films, announced on Saturday that they have reached an agreement.

“A happy news on a blessed Friday night! Contract signed between Akli Films and Ansari & Shah Films about ‘Sultan Selahaddin Ayyubi’,” Konuk tweeted.

He wished that the international, joint project is beneficial “to our country and our art world.”

Series will be shot in Pakistan

The series, featuring actors from Turkey and Pakistan, will be shot in Turkey and is planned to have three seasons.

Konuk said he was happy to realise the project, despite being aware of the difficulty in portraying “this great person who left his mark in history and all over the world.”

Saladin defeated the crusaders and recaptured Jerusalem in 1187.

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