US museums to pay homage to Jasper Johns with retrospective shows

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Jasper Johns, who is well known for his depictions of issues related to the United States, is one of the most influential artists living today. Two U.S. museums will open retrospective exhibitions to pay homage to the artist, whose work is mostly associated with abstract expressionism, Neo-Nada and pop art, this week.

The “Jasper Johns: Mind/Mirror” retrospective will open at the Whitney Museum in New York and the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Sept. 29, with works from a career spanning over six decades.

Each museum’s exhibition is self-contained while also mirroring the other, providing “rare insight into the working process of one of the greatest artists of our time,” said the Philadelphia museum. Johns has long-standing ties to both museums involved.

"White Flag" is one of the works on display as part of a dual exhibition in New York and Philadelphia of U.S. artist Jasper Johns
The works "0-9" are displayed as part of a dual exhibition to U.S. artist Jasper Johns in New York, as pictured here, as well as Philadelphia. (DPA Photo)

“Together, (the exhibitions) provide an immersive exploration of the many phases, treasures and mysteries of a radical, enduring and still-evolving career,” said Whitney Museum.

Johns, born in 1930 in the southern U.S. state of Georgia, continues to remain active in his studio in Connecticut and will show new paintings and sculptures at the exhibitions.

Johns is most well known for his American flags, painted mostly with pigments dissolved in wax on collages made of newsprint.

The retrospective will run until February 2021.

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