Newly donated works enlarge biggest Picasso Museum collection

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PARIS: Nine artworks by Pablo Picasso were donated to France by the famous artist’s eldest daughter Maya Ruiz-Picasso. Comprising of six paintings, two sculptures and a sketchbook, the works will go on display at the national collection of the country’s Musee Picasso, one of the most popular museums in Paris.

The pieces are now set to be showcased from April 22, 2022, onwards in an exhibition dedicated to the donor.

The donations from different creative phases strengthen the collection of Picasso works on display in Paris in the Musee Picasso, a major attraction in Paris since its opening in 1985, the French Culture Ministry said when announcing the donation.

The donation also includes a sculpture from the private collection of Picasso (1881-1973).

Although Barcelona, where Picasso lived for a time, Malaga where he was born and Madrid where the famous “Guernica” hangs are all home to famous Picasso works and museums, the Picasso Museum in Paris has the world’s largest collection of the artist’s work.

Courtesy: (Dailysabah)

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