Scott J. Miller’s Master Mentors volume-II launched

Scott J. Miller’s Master Mentors volume-II launched

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KARACHI: The second iteration of “Master Mentors Transformative Insights from our Greatest Minds” by best-selling author Scott Jeffrey Miller was announced.

The book is a condensed collection of practical strategies and methods designed to help readers reach new heights in their personal lives and professional careers, by distilling essential learning from the top business minds and thought leaders of our time.

In continuation of Master Mentors Volume 1, published in September 2021, Miller has added 30 new transformative insights to the Master Mentors library in his easy-to-understand manner; written with an express focus on the requirements of readers that are short on time, highly challenged, or facing a critical life or career decision. Miller identifies and analyzes key learnings from each of the 30 Master Mentors, and provides simple, intuitive ways for readers to apply these learnings in their personal and professional lives.

Master Mentors Volume 2 features Mr. Zafar Masud, President & CEO The Bank of Punjab, as the book’s first Master Mentor. Mr. Masud is also the first thought-leader from outside the Western Hemisphere to be featured in either of the volumes; more specifically, he is the first Master Mentor from Pakistan who was invited to lend his insights to this literary undertaking. The book starts off strong with the first chapter dedicated to Mr. Masud, as he provides his unique perspective, drawing from his extensive international banking experience, and his wealth of personal experiences (not least of which was his miraculous survival in the crash of PIA flight PK8303, in May 2020).

In the opening chapter of the book, Mr. Masud offers a fresh perspective into what guides his decision-making process, and the significance of discovering what one considers to be the most important thing; finding out what matters most. Mr. Masud posits that without this knowledge, one cannot possibly know what to do next, and that one should not wait for a close brush with death to begin pondering on life’s big questions – the time to reflect is now.

FranklinCovey (the book’s publisher) had arranged an interview between Mr. Masud and the author, Mr. Scott, on the podcast “On Leadership” in March, 2021. The interview was titled, “Legacy amid Tragedy”. Mr. Masud is featured alongside other major celebrities, business luminaries, as well as lesser known but equally brilliant minds, including but not limited to: Bobby Herrera, Sean Covey, Tasha Eurich, Turia Pitt, Chester Elton, Madeline Levine, Jon Gordon, Geoffrey Moore, Guy Kawasaki, Joel Peterson, Michael Hyatt, Jon Huntsman Jr., Alex Osterwalder, Ed Mylett, and others.
Master Mentors Volume 2 – 30 Transformative Insights from our Greatest Minds by Scott Jeffrey Miller is coming soon to a bookstore near you.

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